Why AdPlexity is the No.1 Spy Tool of 2019-Pros and Cons

In the quest for the best Spy Tool in the market, you will come across numerous Spy Tools.

But just like any typical products, there are Spy Tools worth trying and others that are a complete waste of time.

We are all about making the choice easier for you. The core of our reviews is based on truth.

We like to try out the products first before giving our opinion.

This review is about AdPlexity Spy Tool.

We shall be finding out;

Is Adplexity really the No.1 Spy Tool of 2019?

What are the Pros and Cons of AdPlexity?

Ultimately, we will reveal our kick-ass list of AdPlexity Coupon Code. These exclusive discounts are just for you, our esteemed reader.

But first, let us start from the beginning.

AdPlexity; What is it?

As you can probably deduce, AdPlexity is a Spy Tool. More specifically, AdPlexity is a Native, Mobile, and Adult Ad Spy Tool.

What this means is AdPlexity helps you to spy on your competitor’s Ads to see how they make their campaigns successful.

Additionally, AdPlexity provides a way for you to download the Ads you like so that you can use them for your campaigns.

For instance, under Mobile Ads, you will find Pop-up Ads, Pop-under Ads, Redirects, In-App Ads, and Mobile Web Ads. This implies that AdPlexity grants you access to more than one type of Ad.

In fact, AdPlexity is so comprehensive that it created a separate product for each of the services they offer.

Our ultimate goal for this review is to highlight AdPlexity Pros and Cons. Plus, a super exciting list of AdPlexity Coupon Codes just for you.

But before we go there, let us look at the features.

AdPlexity Features

Advanced Ad Search and Filter

AdPlexity offers a complex yet easy to use Search Tool.

Right on the home page, you can search for Ads by Keyword, Publisher, Advertiser, or Affiliate Network.

Additionally, you can filter by “Newest”, “Longest Running” or “Received Most Traffic”. These are all filters to help you draw closer to your goal of finding copy-worthy Ads.

Finally, you launch a Keyword Search to smoke out Landing Pages with the same or related Keywords.

This same criterion applies if you want to find Ads featuring the same keyword within their content.

Single Click Lander Download

So, you have found a competitor’s Ad that you would like to copy.

What next?

Simply rest your cursor on the Ad and the page will automatically load the Image ready for Download.

If you want more than the graphics, Click on the Ad and all the backend information will appear.

You will access all the Landing Pages, Ad Trend, and all the other insights you need to understand the Ad campaign.

Click on “Show More” beside any of the Landing Page URLs listed and you can download the Landing Page easily.

Filter Non-Affiliate Ads

Sometimes the most successful Ads are branded. Branded Ads are non-affiliate Ads run by the mother companies.

These Ads do not provide useful information for digital marketers like us.

You need fellow Affiliates’ Ads so you can compare their strategies to yours.

AdPlexity allows you to filter non-affiliate Ads so you can focus on the Affiliate Ads.

You can eliminate Non-affiliate Ads by sifting them through the Affiliate Network Tool plus the Tracking Tool provision.

These are just a few of AdPlexity’s extensive features.

I would now like to touch on AdPlexity’s Products. If you can remember, we said that AdPlexity has a separate independent software for each of their services.

It is about time… for each product we highlight, we shall unveil a special AdPlexity Coupon Code. Use the Coupon Code to obtain a great discount!

Here we go!

AdPlexity Products

AdPlexity Mobile

This tool is all about In-App and Pop-up Mobile Ads. Use our Exclusive AdPlexity Mobile Coupon Code MEGPLEXITY50 to pay $149 per month instead of $199 per monthly subscription.

AdPlexity Native

This is the AdPlexity product for Native Ads. Our Exclusive AdPlexity Native Coupon Code is MEGPLEXITY80.

When you use this Coupon Code, you will receive a Mega Discount of $80 Off! You will pay $169 monthly instead of the normal $249 per month!

AdPlexity Push

This is a powerful tool for working Push Notifications. To get this tool at our unbelievable price, Use our AdPlexity Push Coupon Code MEGPLEXITY20. This Coupon Code will afford you $20 Off so you can pay $129 per month rather than $149 per month.

AdPlexity Desktop

This is the home for Desktop Ads. If Desktop Ads is your alley, use our AdPlexity Desktop Coupon Code MEGPLEXITY50 to pay a reduced $149 monthly down from $199 per month.

AdPlexity Adult

This is the product that deals with Adult Ads. Use our Exclusive AdPlexity Adult Coupon Code MEGPLEXITY50. With this Coupon Code, you will pay $149 per month in place of $199 monthly.

AdPlexity Carriers

Carriers is an all-in-one tool allowing you to run Ads in foreign countries.

Grab our dynamite discount by applying our Exclusive AdPlexity Carriers Coupon Code MEGPLEXITY20 to pay $129 per month instead of $149 per month.

AdPlexity e-Commerce

This is a tool for scouting the best e-stores and their best-performing products. Use our great AdPlexity E-commerce Coupon Code MEGPLEXITY50 to get a $50 discount! Ultimately you will pay $149 per month instead of the normal $199 per month.

Finally, the time has come to highlight AdPlexity pros and cons.

Buckle up!

Adplexity Pros

  • Comprehensive Tool with independent software for all services
  • Covers Native, Adult, and Mobile Ads
  • Ads cover 80 countries including all the major ones
  • Features a massive e-commerce database of e-stores and products
  • Compatible with Windows, Chrome, and Safari browsers
  • Highlights top-secret carrier-specific Ads
  • Concentrates on Ads fronting Affiliate offers
  • Features a powerful Search and Filter criterion
  • Allows you to download rival’s landers, graphics, videos, and links
  • AdPlexity Carriers provides an extensive software accommodating services beyond affiliate marketing.

AdPlexity Cons

  • User interface takes getting used to
  • It is expensive
  • Does not offer a free trial

Final Thoughts

Judging by the above review, we can say with utmost certainty that AdPlexity is indeed the No. 1 Spy Tool of 2019.

Sure, there are a few cons but nothing too drastic to knock AdPlexity out of the top position. If not for anything else, for the fact that they went all in to create a very intuitive tool. They separated all the different services so that you can pay for only what you use.

And, thanks to MegPixel and AdPlexity, you can get these tools for a fair price. Grab your AdPlexity Coupon Codes now before the offer expires.

Share your thoughts and comments in the section below. We are always up to listening and sharing.

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